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脱口秀中有一些对于名人的采访 there are Some of the talk shows have an interview with famous people。 她想知道今晚会现场直播什么比赛 She wonders what game will be on the scene tonight.

1, It is believed by many people to have been

1 should eat 2 shouldn't turn 3 should I go Should 4 could I use 5 could you please

1。we need to protect them better. 2. we can help raise money to protect pandas。 3。let's figure out what things we can do to save as many animals as possible. 4. they do research to find out the best way to protect animals. 5...

以下资源仅供参考: 完成句子答案(共10分,每小题2分) 一, 根据中文意思完成句子。 70. 该吃晚饭了。 ___________________________________ supper. 71. 春天来了,咱们去植树吧。 Spring is coming. __________________to plant trees. 72. ...

lead ;to are pround of ourselves eating;is good for are made of tell a ;will aren't

1.devoted herself to helping 2.has seen 3.less luckier than 4.did he realize 5.just two kilometers long 6.As he said before mean to his money will pay the high fees 8.caught up with a serious (因不知道你正学的是哪一部分的...

1, Are your flowers watered by you every day? 2, Are trees and flowers planted every year to make our country more beautiful? 3, This English song isn't sung by the girls after class. Is this English song sung by the girls afte...

这个 [词典] this; this one; (这东西) this; [口] so; [例句]这个比那个好。 This one is better than that one. 这个 [词典] this; this one; (这东西) this; [口] so; [例句]这个比那个好。 This one is better than that one.

7. smoking, 8. drawing bloom took it? started once got married so difficult that making clothes fell in love with

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