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happy women's day 妇女节快乐; 例句: 1. Best wishes for women's day. 致以妇女节最美好的祝愿。 2. Gewn celebrates international women's day. 女性员工庆祝国际妇女节

women 英[ˈwɪmɪn] 美['wɪmɪn] n. 女人(woman的复数); 堂客; 红粉; Women's Day [词典] 妇女节; [例句]This year's International Women's Day is devoted to ending impunity for violence against women and girls. ...

wowen是woman的复数形式,意为女人、妇女.Women‘s Day 意为妇女的节日,即妇女节.在每年的三月八日.类似的表达方法还有Children`s Day,儿童们的节日,即儿童节.

wowen是woman的复数形式,意为女人、妇女. Women`s Day 意为妇女的节日,即妇女节.在每年的三月八日. 类似的表达方法还有Children`s Day,儿童们的节日,即儿童节.


What do women usually do on women's day? 女人通常妇在女节会做什么?

women's day [英汉航海大词典] n.三八妇女节

The Women's Day March 8th is the Women's Day,it's a big day for all the women. On that day I went home early after school and father was already there.We decided to give mother a surprise.We cleaned the house and made supper to...

Women's Day 妇女节 双语例句 1. March 8 th is the International Working Women's Day. 三月八日是国际劳动妇女节. 来自辞典例句 2. A to women leaders and those areto honor the International Women's Day! 各位在场的妇女代表,和支持国际...


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